There’s no doubt that you have ambitious growth plans for your business, but is your digital marketing and sales strategy set up to propel you towards meeting (and hopefully exceeding) those goals ?

The next Perth Hubspot User Group event will provide the inspiration, education, and connections you need to grow and transform your business in 2018.

Join us and our Keynote speaker, James Gilbert Head of Marketing at HubSpot, to learn how to use the inbound marketing and sales methodologies to grow your business online. This event brings you the latest insights, research & marketing trends to give you the edge on driving more leads and customers.



Understanding The Changing Landscape of Social Media

Understand the best practices and common pitfalls of getting started with messaging and bots. With messaging and chat bots rapidly becoming a required part of a great marketing strategy, we have to evolve to become real-time and at scale. 



Creating a Human Buying Experience

Learn how chatbots are helping to make conversational marketing possible.  As opposed to replacing human-to-human conversations outright, bots are instead helping buyers have the right conversations with the right people at the right times.



Designing for Customer Experience

Your website is a key part of your marketing and branding strategy. By taking a UX approach to website design you can create a memorable and coherent story across your website which aligns perfectly with your brand and speaks to your ideal buyer.


Attend the HubSpot meetup at Curtin Graduate Business School Perth and grow your inbound marketing expertise...

3 Key Inbound Marketing Trends for 2018
Tony Eades, Michael Peach & Andrew Levy

6:05pm - 6:10 pm: Get More Leads From Content With Facebook Lead Ads - Michael Peach

Capitalise on Hubspot’s integration with Facebook, and hear from Facebook why these tools are so powerful. Simplify ad creation, automate lead capture, nurture across channels and drive ROI. If you're struggling to make mobile marketing work, or want to start using Facebook's powerful new solutions to drive more leads from your content. This session is for you.

Facebook Lead Ads are here and they’re going to be revolutionary for B2B Social Media conversion.


6:10 pm - 6:15 pm - The Rise of Conversational Marketing - Creating a Human Buying Experience - Tony Eades

Conversational marketing; the process of having real-time, one-to-one conversations in order to capture, qualify, and connect with your best leads.

With the old approach, your website was like an empty store, where shoppers could walk in but there was no one there to greet them. In contrast, with conversational marketing, you have friendly salespeople out in the aisles who let all the shoppers know that they’re available to help and answer questions.

True, chatbots are helping to make conversational marketing possible, but they’re not replacing human-to-human conversations outright. Instead, they’re helping buyers have the right conversations with the right people at the right times (when it’s convenient for them, not your sales team). Bots are actually helping marketing and sales teams deliver a more human experience.


6:15 pm - 6:20 pm: The Psychology of Video - Andrew Levy

Did you know we process text in short-term memory and we process video in long-term memory? It is for that reason that video is more effective than text.

Our brains love video, however, even more, our brains are drawn to stories.

With new technology and the growing culture of impatience, the way we produce video stories has changed.

In traditional video we build up suspense and reach the climax towards the end. Now, this needs to be completely flipped on its head and we need to rethink the story for the millisecond.


6:20 pm - 6:30pm: Question and Answer Session



The Changing World of Social Media
James Gilbert - HubSpot Head of Marketing, APAC

6:30 pm - 6:50 pm: Why Facebook Messenger is the most important new market channel for your business - and how to use it.

Facebook messenger is the most promising new business communication channel for your business, why? Consumers can't wait anymore. They want to interact with your business when and how they want to in real-time.

These consumer demands make it harder than ever to deliver a great experience. Messaging and chat bots are rapidly becoming a required part of a great marketing strategy. Learn best practices and pitfalls of getting started with messaging and bots as well as how to evolve your go-to-market strategy to become real-time at scale. 


6:50 pm - 7:00 pm: Question and Answer Session

Website Throwdown - User Focused Design
Glenn Purcell - Head of Creative @BrandManager

7:00 pm - 7:30 pm: 5 Examples of User Focused Design - And Why They Are Effective.

Your website is the cornerstone of any successful marketing; guiding users in with targeted, relevant, and engaging content and ultimately delighting with them so much they convert and subscribe to get more. 

When first encountering a website, a user forms a momentary impression—which evolves, typically as they engage with your website over a period of time. In this process, the user’s perception, action, motivation, and cognition integrate to form a memorable and coherent story: called the 'User Experience' (UX) 

When it comes to website design, there are a variety of different factors to look at, including font sizes, hierarchy, calls-to-action, and text width, among other things.

Glenn Purcell will review 5 websites and provide feedback on the marketing, design, and UX that will help you improve your customer experience.



Learn top tips about marketing and the world of Inbound from award winning HubSpot professionals, with presentations to guide you through marketing and the Inbound Sales process. You'll also hear from marketers with experience in a variety of different sectors, offering a fresh perspective on how other businesses in Australia are succeeding with the inbound methodology.


James Gilbert
Head of Marketing, APAC

Tony Eades

Tony Eades
Director of Brand Strategy


Glenn Purcell
Head of Creative


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