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Is Inbound Marketing Just Another Buzzword

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 1, 2015 11:31:00 AM / by Andrew Levy

I have experienced a lot of Perth marketers rolling their eyes and wondering why we need another term – inbound marketing – when SEO, PPC and blog sites have been around for a while and work just fine. Is inbound marketing just another buzzword for digital marketing?

What is inbound marketing and why have so many marketers around the world adopted this methodology?

Inbound marketing refers to marketing activity that brings leads and customers into your funnel, when they need a product or service, rather than having to buy peoples attention when they aren’t ready. The fuel of inbound  is content and content marketing.

Lets break down how inbound marketing works

Inbound marketing is a proven methodology for the digital age. It’s a holistic, data-drive methodology that leverages how people buy today. Holistic because it covers every part of the buying process and data-driven because you’re able to capture behavioral data that tells you precisely what people are doing.

The methodology empowers marketing to attract strangers to your brand, turn those visitors into leads, and nurture those leads before converting into customers. After they become a customer, the intention is to turn customers into delighted promoters.

At it’s core, inbound marketing is about creating content specifically designed to appeal to your dream customer and attract qualified prospects at the top of the funnel. The same desirable content is used to nurture your prospect through to sale and keeping them coming back time after time.

Inbound marketing is:

  • Attracting qualified visitors - Winning business by attracting prospects with targeted content that helps solve their problem for what they searched for
  • Multi-channel distribution - Publishing content, where your buyer is and in the channel where they want to engage and interact.
  • Personalisation - Content that helps you gather context about your prospect’s behaviour, then serve up personalised messages relevant to the buyer.

Inbound marketing, by its very nature, and the software tools used, HubSpot, will enable you to gather lead intelligence on visitors and leads, so that sales can close more highly qualified leads, faster.

Having leads come to you is a marketers dream. You haven’t needed to spend big dollars blasting out information or cold calling; with the off change the buyer is interested. Your prospect finds you when they’re searching for content.

So is inbound marketing just another buzzword?


If your thinking to yourself, I have already been implementing pieces of inbound marketing (SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Email), but realise that you have been doing pieces here and there, it’s not enough anymore. You must build an inbound marketing machine, follow the right systems and processes which align with the methodology.

Since 2006, inbound has been the most effective method of marketing your business. It’s marketing that people love and its growing quickly.

Data shows that HubSpot (innovators of inbound marketing) now have over 13,000 users and numbers are growing by more than 3000 companies every year.

Inbound Marketing isn’t just about realigning your marketing mix to attract new customers its an entire system, a methodology that works and seeing rapid growth every year.

'Inbound Marketing Perth" is the future.


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Andrew Levy

Written by Andrew Levy

CMO | Inbound Marketing Strategist
 Perth A Chief Marketing Officer and experienced strategist for Content Marketing, Social Media, & Marketing Automation. Andrew has managed a multi-million dollar Inbound Marketing strategy, using HubSpot, across 3 regions - Asia Pacific, Europe & North America. He has marketed product, purchased by 'Top Fortune 500 listed companies’ including: #1 Walmart, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, LVMH, Chanel, Lotus F1, Cathay Pacific and more. Follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewLevy_.