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How to create a killer landing page

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 23, 2015 10:37:52 AM / by Andrew Sculthorpe


In this podcast Brad and Scully from imageseven discuss the anatomy of a killer landing page; how email is deceptively complicated; where to start if your marketing is all over the place; what a software platform for managing social media learnt from some of its less awesome blogs; and is marketing is killing our most important words.

In their regular review of marketing and communications news, Brad and Scully review the ‘Anatomy of a killer landing page’, an article by Wasif Kasim, Strategic Development Manager at Salmat Digital. Scully starts by explaining the difference between a landing page and a home page, and the importance of a great landing page, particularly with the increased use of content marketing. He goes on to discuss Wasif’s thoughts on measurability and what should work. A strong landing page brings a strong return on investment and every ‘campaign’ a school undertakes should have its own landing page. Scully then goes through the ten essential points that a landing page should have to compel a visitor to take action, as listed by Wasif in his article. Every landing page has one job and that is to convert visitors into leads — what the next step is for the prospective customer.

In other news, Brad and Scully talk about an article that caught their attention, ‘Email is deceptively complicated’. Brad highlights some of the important points raised by Ginger Conlon, Editor in Chief of Direct Marketing News in the USA, as he quotes Brennan Carlson from the email service provider, Lyris, in his article. Email is complicated whether it's in-house or in the cloud, but don’t underestimate it because it delivers the most efficient return in digital marketing. Scully highlights the importance of thinking about the user experience and placing the customer in the centre of everything so it is relevant for them. Email will continue to be a “stalwart pillar of digital marketing”, but it has to be done well.

Also Brad and Scully discuss a Hootsuite, a software platform for managing social media. Hootsuite has shared what it considers to be its least awesome pieces of content and what it taught them. The examples demonstrate that you need to let your blog posts breathe; that a wall of text, no matter how appealing, needs visuals; and timing is everything; use common terms, or your post won’t get clicked.

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Andrew Sculthorpe

Written by Andrew Sculthorpe

Andrew’s 25 years of experience in the marketing and media industries include working in both the UK and Australia where he cut his teeth working with clients across major brands and organisations. Part communication practitioner, part accountant and part business advisor, Andrew’s experience enables him to advise on all aspects of marketing and communications strategies across old and new media alike.