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How Content Marketing Quality and Standards are Evolving in 2016

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 2, 2016 9:35:00 AM / by Andrew Levy

blog-post-image-12.jpgHigh quality content marketing has forever been the main element to a thriving, well-visited website. To understand what quality content production actually is and what it involves, read 17 ways to consistently generate quality content marketing. When you produce quality content you will see a gradual increase in domain authority and increased content shares overall. This is obvious in theory, but what about the evolving elements of quality content, especially in the changing Inbound Marketing trends of 2016. Below are the 5 main quality and standards that marketers need to know for the coming year in order to stay relevant in their field.


Evolving Quality and Standards of Content Marketing

  1. Grammar, spelling and homophones.

    With the growth of content marketing comes the growth of human error. 2016 will see Google assessing your errors as untrustworthy, which will lead to a lower search position. The incorrect use of certain words, AKA homophones, will also harm your content as it is considered to be misleading. Keep your quality up to scratch with a thorough editing process to ensure your message is clear and concise.

  2. Images and videos are the new content.

    Content marketers can fall into the trap of producing new information in the same style again and again. Maintaining quality content marketing standards for 2016 means introducing a diverse range of content to your business. Each year, video has increase as the most shared content, with the amount of video in Facebook news feed increasing by 3.6 times in the past 12 months. Meanwhile, images are maintained as the most important tactic for social media, according to HubSpot.

  3. Click-bait is no longer working.

    While click-bait worked for some time as a fun way to attention-grab, it appears to have lost traction due to lacking quality content past the over-sensationalised title. 2016 will see a strong revolt from platforms like Facebook against click-bait headlines. Facebook even stated that “80% of the time, users prefer headlines that help them decide whether they want to read the full article before they click through” (HubSpot Perth).

  4. Social media indexing.

    It’s no secret that Google has begun to index tweets in real time, which is great if you have a moderate-high social authority in your industry. But if you haven’t seen the promise of using social media to elevate your brand’s social position, you will need to start in 2016. Make the most of Google’s indexing algorithm and maximise your brand’s visibility with consistent social posting and keep up-to-date with trends as they occur.

  5. User-generated content.

    According to HubSpot Perth, more than 8 in 10 people say that user-generated content from people they don’t know influences their purchase decision and indicate brand quality. By integrating easy to use review submissions on your website, you are enabling customers to provide feedback that will expand your brand reach. Websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and Quora are also important for your brand’s position with Google’s search ranking algorithm, because the more users write, the better you rank within organic search.


These five points are only the beginning for the changing world of content marketing. As a marketer, you should be prepared to plan ahead and adapt to the changes of search engines, social media and keep up with new platforms as they arrive. Successful marketers are consistently experimenting with their content strategy in order to stay relevant and increase their website traffic and brand position. Don't forget, work out what is and isn’t working for your buyer persona and 2016 promises to be a big year ahead. 


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Andrew Levy

Written by Andrew Levy

CMO | Inbound Marketing Strategist
 Perth A Chief Marketing Officer and experienced strategist for Content Marketing, Social Media, & Marketing Automation. Andrew has managed a multi-million dollar Inbound Marketing strategy, using HubSpot, across 3 regions - Asia Pacific, Europe & North America. He has marketed product, purchased by 'Top Fortune 500 listed companies’ including: #1 Walmart, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, LVMH, Chanel, Lotus F1, Cathay Pacific and more. Follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewLevy_.