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Encourage a culture of content marketing internally

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 27, 2015 2:26:42 PM / by Andrew Levy


If you’re like most businesses, embracing a content marketing mindset, you understand the value of creating relevant and valuable content for your buyers through every stage of the purchase funnel.

How to really break through as a brand and how to become the company everyone wants to follow are two every day challenges that look more trivial than what they are. Have you tried building a content culture behind your content marketing efforts? This may be the light bulb moment that will illuminate the path for your team to drive your business goals with you. It is through communication, by sharing education and collaborating and sharing the load, which encourage a culture of content marketing internally. In doing so, you will be integrating and aligning mindsets that thrive together towards common goals. Don't just rely on a small group of online specialists to generate results. Get involved and become someone to be followed.

Encourage a culture of content marketing internally

Content creation is all about how you market your brand to your internal team. In your organization, each department should have a chapter, a goal. Every team within your organization should believe and understand your strategy and feel as though they have an active voice which is part of the bigger picture.

But, is it that easy to get everyone on board when most employees are too busy with their own day-to-day tasks and KPIs - not necessarily have a grasp of the bigger picture and the broader goals of the company? With a streamlined process, a compelling brand story and team motivation, employees will come around.

A great deal of why Social Media has broken paradigms, has changed behavior and why companies have focused on Social Media in their marketing plans, has to do with employees, who want to tweet all day every day, search Facebook during breaks and socialize through online forums. Nowadays, an even broader demographics have joined the “social media choir”. Why not wisely continue to include Social Media (what we love to do) into a standard work day?

How to build an internal content marketing culture

Preaching to the preacher is easier. But before you start thinking about how great it will be to have 5-6 team members sharing the load, you need a solid plan which everyone will follow. It’s up to you, (the strategist), to sell employees on the benefits of contributing to your content strategy through storytelling and content people want to read. This is the start of a strong culture of content creation.

The initial challenge is, in your organization, there’s probably different kinds of personalities and all employees are focused on working to achieve different objectives. You will find the driver, the learner, the follower and so on. How do you then bring everyone together, keep them motivated and roll out a solid content strategy?

1. Get buy-in from every part of your organization & give employees a voice

Allow your employees and team members to own the project – make it theirs? By giving employees a voice and supporting  their efforts to be heard, to make a difference and to build the brand. Allowing them to be themselves whilst maintaining a consistent voice means that everyone is talking the same language: success.

2. Keep all employees engaged at the top level

Set your team up with the tools they need to succeed by sharing your company values, your brand story and your existing strategy. Make sure all the internal knowledge is shared, share stats and ensure employees are trained to promote quality content.

Your employees will feel empowered by their contributions. It's an incentive and reward to be part of the bigger plan.

If you are worried about employees publishing brand content, ensure you have carefully set and put in place editorial guidelines, rules and regulations. As long as there is knowledge and training as per what, when and how to share, sharing the love for the brand will only attract more love from our customers/ buyers. And isn’t it what we all want?

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Andrew Levy

Written by Andrew Levy

CMO | Inbound Marketing Strategist
 Perth A Chief Marketing Officer and experienced strategist for Content Marketing, Social Media, & Marketing Automation. Andrew has managed a multi-million dollar Inbound Marketing strategy, using HubSpot, across 3 regions - Asia Pacific, Europe & North America. He has marketed product, purchased by 'Top Fortune 500 listed companies’ including: #1 Walmart, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, LVMH, Chanel, Lotus F1, Cathay Pacific and more. Follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewLevy_.