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4 critical steps to have your content go viral

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 20, 2015 6:48:23 AM / by Andrew Levy


A Smart Distribution Model is Just as Important as Creating Good Content

Have you noticed how many articles there are available online about creating a quality content marketing strategy, but only very few articles actually talk about how to distribute the content? The distribution process is actually where you bring in more business, so let’s have a look at why investing and focusing on a distribution plan is just as important as creating the smart content at the front end.

Now that we have taken the first step into recognizing how critical this part of the process is, let’s look at how to maximise ROI by thinking about the final steps, the outcome that you desire during the creation process itself: Reaching the final audience.

4 steps to maximise your content

1. Improve visibility by optimising your content for search

  • The principles of good search-engine optimisation (SEO) must be applied to every piece of content as you create it, not just after-the-fact, in the metadata.
  • You can extend your reach by developing smarter headlines, which include relevant keywords and entice the viewer to read more.
  • Think carefully about how the length of your message, the formatting, visual elements, and links will shape user experience. The better the experience, the more likely customers are to stick around and absorb the message.

2. Share your content with relevant communities

After you publish your content, think about the communities who will be interested in your ideas / thoughts. Make choices based on relevance and value so you can generate interest and discussion in communities. Your article or content is more likely to go viral, be shared and be noticed if your content resonates with the viewer.

3. Promote articles to branded sites and industry influencers

If your article is very specific, then target branded publications and sites who can amplify your material to a larger target market. These sites are always chasing more content and lots of it. Industry sites have the power to distribute your content to millions who have subscribed to their news feed. Once you have established these important connections, strengthen them by sharing influencers’ content through your channels and commenting on their blog posts and social updates. Focus on building relationships rather than conducting one-time transactions.

Remember, relationships take time to build, you can’t walk straight into success. You have to work for it.

4. Tailor your distribution and personalise your message

Do you tailor your distribution? If you do, this will yield much better results. The more relevant your content is to your target, the more effective it will be. And by targeting certain distribution channels or platforms, such as Facebook for B2C sales and LinkedIn for B2B sales, you’ll increase your relevance even. Personalisation or targeted messaging can be based on interests, demographics, location or stage in the buying cycles, any of these will work better than create action.

A solid content marketing strategy will always start with quality content. However, the key to achieve better results is, no doubt, the distribution of this content.

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Andrew Levy

Written by Andrew Levy

CMO | Inbound Marketing Strategist
 Perth A Chief Marketing Officer and experienced strategist for Content Marketing, Social Media, & Marketing Automation. Andrew has managed a multi-million dollar Inbound Marketing strategy, using HubSpot, across 3 regions - Asia Pacific, Europe & North America. He has marketed product, purchased by 'Top Fortune 500 listed companies’ including: #1 Walmart, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, LVMH, Chanel, Lotus F1, Cathay Pacific and more. Follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewLevy_.