Meet the Perth HUG team

We are really excited to bring you the Perth HubSpot User Group and with your help, make this the best HUG in the country! Whether you are an accomplished HubSpot master, a new user or just thinking about taking up a trial – you’re welcome!

As we grow the Perth HUG community our team will grow too but for now let’s meet the Perth HUG leaders from HubSpot Certified Partners, BrandManager. We look forward to saying hi at our next Perth HUG event.

Tony Eades

Director of Brand Strategy, BrandManager

Your brand strategist, creative thinker and marketing expert. With over 20 years of experience behind the wheel of some of Australia’s leading brands he’ll take your business places you only dreamed of going! A speaker, author and presenter Tony is currently featured in Business Director magazine, Anthill, Dynamic Business, Kochie’s Business Builders and Sky Business channel.

Daniel Hamilton

COS Certified: Digital Interface Designer, BrandManager

Young, fresh and full of that geeky knowledge we only dream about understanding! Daniel is the interface web designer and studio manager. He will make sure your job is accounted for and done.

Glenn Purcell

Digital Communications Producer, BrandManager

Mr art himself! Glenn is a very talented and well respected artist of Sydney who has a skillful eye in the video arena. He is all things video and his creative design skills are excellent.